Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd own patent 98/7391 for Roll-A-Wall Ventilation Stoppings. This industry proved stopping system can be erected by a team of four trained people in under two hours.

This modular system holds many advantages to clients by improving rate of construction thus reducing down time due to ventilation problems and less demand on the transport system because of the light weight and bulk of the components.

Other products have been developed to be used in conjunction with Roll-A-Wall Stoppings such as:

This timber or steel clad steel structure provides access between two ventilation districts for vehicles and can be mounted in either zinc or block work walls.

This zinc clad steel structure provides pedestrian access between two ventilation districts.

This self closing ventilation pressure relieve structure should be used to reduce the amount of damage caused to the ventilation stoppings due to a goaf within the ventilation area.

Heavily constructed steel doors to ensure the safety of the occupants in the rescue bay.

Built according to mine spec.

This mobile steel structure can be erected in a matter of minutes to provide safe access across a moving conveyor belt structure.

Light duty.

Zinc construction of air crossings. Quick and easy way to get headings ventilated.  

Light weight easy to install system. No scaffolding or ladders required to suspend stone dust barriers bags.

Light weight, easy to install for quick access into a section.

To create an air tight ventilation district to minimize leakage and to better the air utilization in the section.  

A robust air crossing constructed from reinforced concrete. This is to minimize damage caused by moving machinery.

Wall constructed by reinforced concrete and a heavy duty door that can be replaced when damaged.

Reinforced concrete wall which can withstand concussion and minimize ventilation leakage on a ventilation district. 

Lockable regulator to regulate ventilation districts.

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  • Cast-A-Door
  • Cast-A-Air-Crossing
  • Cast-A-Wall

As can be seen from the above names these would be cast concrete structures using shuttering.

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has been in existence since 1977 rendering
services to the Coal Mines in the Witbank and Highveld Coalfields, up until today.

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