Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has it’s roots in civil construction. Therefore the company has maintained it presence in the construction of the following underground civil constructions:

Both wet-crete and dry-crete application of gunnite material is possible.

Our teams’ experience and capabilities range from simple surface beds to drainage pumps and waterproof walls or seals. With the introduction of a professional engineer into Mantella we are now able to design and certify all types of civil structures.

We have developed techniques to place and transport 35MPa ready-mixed concrete up to 140m underground over several hundred meters with pumps or kilometres in flameproof concrete mixer machines. We also have a purpose built shuttering system used in building waterproof concrete walls.

Over recent years Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd have sealed hundreds of leaking walls or have pre-grouted the surrounding strata to prevent water from seeping through. The sealing agent is a two component polypropylene based expanding flexible material. Water leaks of hundreds of litres per minute across a gap of 80mm have been successfully stopped.

Over recent years Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd have sealed several gaps between walls and coal roofs with non-shrinking high strength cement grout.

Sealing of both vertical and horizontal boreholes.

"The drilling equipment is used from either the ground or task specific designed scaffold systems constructed by our in-house engineering team."
- Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has been in existence since 1977 rendering
services to the Coal Mines in the Witbank and Highveld Coalfields, up until today.

"With contracts for various type of work at most of the largest coal mining houses."
Mantella Trading 310 (Pty)Ltd


Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has the knowledge and experience of a former mine manager and several Mine Officials. Using this base of knowledge Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd have ventured into the following mining activities:

Such as developing through dykes. We have extensive experience in this type of activity across several mines and mining houses.

In poor geological areas to extend the life of a mine. We have a contract with one of the largest mining houses to conduct all mining of a section that was previously noted as economically unviable due to the number of slips, faults and other poor roof conditions.

Such as conveyor belt structure reclaiming installation, extensions. Furthermore we do cleaning of floor areas around all conveyor structures.

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