Types of support in recent years:

Using W-Straps, Oslo-Straps, Wire Meshing, Thin Skin Liner.

In back bye areas and travelling roads using gophers, roofbolting machines to install Cable Slings, Roof Bolts with chemical resin anchor, W-Straps, Oslo-Straps, Wire Meshing and Norse Netting

Of coal pillars with Cable Slings and Anchors.

Elbroc which is the OEM and Mantella the installer thereof, together with any training necessary for the proper installation of it.

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The drilling equipment is used from either the ground or task specific designed scaffold systems constructed by our in-house engineering

The Roofbolters currently operating at various Collieries have been Modified by our engineering team to install both roof and sidewall bolts according to requirements.

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd successfully completed the installation of Wire Netting, Cable Anchors, Bolt Installation, Oslo-Strap Pinning and Gunniting required to support various high walls.

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has developed, constructed and Installed steel protection canopies at various mines to protect conveyor structures in areas where roof support is not a viable option due to height of roof and restricted access in the area.

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has been in existence since 1977 rendering
services to the Coal Mines in the Witbank and Highveld Coalfields, up until today.

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