Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has it’s own in-house engineering Department capable of maintaining and constructing the following:
  • Flameproof Tractors
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Flameproof Compressors
  • Gunniters
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Non-Flameproof LDV’s
  • Scaffolding etc.
  • Tunnel Guard Pumps
  • LHD’s

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Roofbolters – The range of RHINO Roofbolters was developed as a result of limitations identified in existing equipment available on the market. RHINO Roofbolters can install roof and sidewall bolts from a level of 1,2m from floor to 5,5m above floor.

The installation is done by a single operator in a ROPS/FOPS canopy with a helper behind the machine. The machine has a unique mechanical self levelling and aligning system thereby simplifying the hydraulic systems and complexity of operations.

RHAM Roofbolters – Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has a fleet of double boom Roofbolters currently deployed.

Mantella Trading 310 (Pty) Ltd has been in existence since 1977 rendering
services to the Coal Mines in the Witbank and Highveld Coalfields, up until today.

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